HCG Diet Foods, Supplements, Activities And Miscellaneous

Food Products Take organic extra virgin coconut oil Drink organic raw apple cider vinegar Use  organic agave nectar, organic raw honey, or organic raw sugarcane for sweeteners Use fresh cinnamon Add hot peppers or hot salsa to food Eat raw organic nuts and seeds in small quantities for snacks Take flax, flax seed or flax seed oil Use Stevia a  […]

The HCG Diet Food List

The HCG Diet Food List for Phase 2 Very Low Calorie Diet (500 cal) If you need some help to stick to the HCG Diet, try this. It will guide you through every step of the way. You will have a complete meal  plan for each day on the diet along with all the info on HCG you need to get started […]

HCG homeopathic diet drops

It should come as no surprise that HCG homeopathic diet drops are FDA (Federal Drug Administration of the United States) approved, because all homeopathy manufactured in the country is regulated by this government watchdog in the food and drug industry. Homeopathy was the main form of medicine in America until the discovery of penicillin and […]

HCG Diet Guidelines

Guidelines for HCG diet are: Hcg must be refrigerated, even while traveling. Use a good, natural multivitamin daily. If you get odd muscle pains, use Mrs. Dash potassium salt, instead of regular table salt. Do Not take omega 3 fish oils, flaxseed oil, vitamin E in oil or any other oils, because these compete with […]

HCG Diet Recipes

RECIPE 1: CHOCOLATE DELIGHT (HCG DIET RECIPE) It is up for debate whether you can eat this on phase 2 or not. But most articles I have read say this can actually help you release fat. Please use care and pay attention to your results when eating this. There is a lot of info out […]

HCG Complex diet drops

HCG COMPLEX HCG Complex is  formulated in FDA-registered and GMP-certified laboratories in USA. It is produced from  all-natural top quality ingredients which helps in losing unwanted fat in a healthy way. Advantages of HCG COMPLEX  diet drops: If you are in search for a quick and effective way to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits, then […]

hCG diet drops side effects and benefits

The one thing everyone asks before starting a new diet that is so popular is “what are the hcg diet side effects?”. So in this article I will show you all the pros and cons of the hCG Diet Drops that people are experiencing. Let’s start with the bad things. Everybody wants to know what exactly the […]

HCG diet phase 3 and 4- Maintenance phase of the HCG diet

Overview of Phase 3: When the three days of dieting after the last dose has been taken, you may now eat anything they please, except sugar and starch. It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached at the end of the program becomes stable, i.e. does not show violent fluctuations after an occasional excess. […]