hCG diet drops side effects and benefits

The one thing everyone asks before starting a new diet that is so popular is “what are the hcg diet side effects?”. So in this article I will show you all the pros and cons of the hCG Diet Drops that people are experiencing.

Let’s start with the bad things. Everybody wants to know what exactly the hcg diet dangers are.

If someone is trying to convince you there are no dangers do not believe them. Read my list wilth all the bad side effects you can suffer while on the hCG Diet Drops diet.

HCG Diet Danger #1 – Hair loss

Many people report they are starting to lose hair. But it is normal. It has nothing to do with the hormones. You can prevent it by taking vit B  and the good thing is your hair will grow back. It is just the rapid weight loss that makes it fall off your scalp.

HCG Diet Danger #2 – Headache

Another symptom that is typical for the hcg diet is the headache, especially in the first few days. It is caused by the detoxing process your body runs. You can help yourself by drinking a lot of water. For some people hot water with a lemon slice works great. You may drink green tea too.

HCG Diet Danger #3 – Missing Period

For the women on the hcg diet a considerable factor is the missing period. Not all women miss their period for a couple of months, but it happens. Again it is not the hormone, causing this issue, but the weight loss.

HCG Diet Danger #4 – Nausea, Weakness

If you haven’t eaten enough fat foods for the first two days of your round, you may suffer nausea, dizziness, and stomach aches. This is also a result of the detox. Imagine that your body has to adjust to a whole new process of supplying with energy. It now has to adjust from getting the energy requirements from the food you are eating, to drawing it from your stored fat.

HCG Diet Danger #5 – Freezing

Another problem hcg dieters report is they feel cold most of the time. It is normal, don’t panic. Just put on a sweater or a hat so that you don’t feel freezing.

HCG Diet Danger #6 – Metallic Taste

You may also feel a metallic taste in your mouth in the beginning of the diet – it is a sign that your body is getting rid of the toxins.

So that is for the bad side of the hcg superchraged diet. You must know that it is not common for everyone to suffer all of the above symptoms. Some people do, some do not – it is super individual.

Also nothing of this is a permanent state of your body – these are transitional states provoked by the weight loss and low protein intake.

Here are the good side effects (benefits) of the HCG Diet Drops diet

HCG Benefit #1

And this is more like the main effect but still – you’re gonna lose weight, and lose it fast. Dieters report losing up to 30 pounds for a round of 26 days.

HCG Benefit #2

You will lose inches – the pounds you will be losing are not just body liquids, but fat, stored fat, that no other diet can unlock.

HCG Benefit #3

With the HCG  Diet Drops program you don’t need to punch your body every day – just take the amount of drops you need 3 time a day. Injections are dangerous and you should see a doctor every other day to consult you on your diet.

HCG Benefit #4

HCG Diet Drops are powerful appetite suppressant. You will feel no hunger despite of your very low calorie diet.

HCG Benefit #5


You will start to look good, finally you will get in your old jeans.

HCG Benefit #6

You will feel more energetic.

HCG Benefit #7

The whites of your eyes will become whiter.

HCG Benefit #8

Your body will get rid off all the toxins.

HCG Benefit #9

You don’t have to workout hard for hours day after day.

HCG Benefit #10

You will lay the foundations of a new healthier way of eating and living.

HCG Benefit #11

Your self esteem will come back and you will be able to buy any dress you wish.

The list could go on and on because the benefits of being thin are endless.

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