HCG Diet Phase 1 | The Loading Phase 1 Of The – Fat Release System HCG Diet

HCG Diet Phase 1 | The Loading Phase 1 Of The – Fat Release System HCG Diet

phase-1-hcg 150The first phase of the orally administered Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) – Fat Release Program lasts 2 days. The success or failure of the following 3 phases is largely dependent on how well the 1st Phase is completed.

Phase 1 is also called “The Loading Phase.” The goal is to eat as many calories as possible, preparing the body for a period of very low calorie intake. By completely filling all fat stores, the metabolism is convinced that the body is not in a starvation mode. For some, it is useful to think of Phase 1 as “bear eating”, like a bear preparing for a long winter.

The HCG Diet – Fat Release Program Phase 1 is also designed to attack some of the psychological addictions that many have developed over time. By gorging on their favorite foods for several days, patterns and associations are changed while cravings are satisfied. Many find that the first day is almost unbelievable, but find it very difficult to continue to the end of the second day.

HCG Diet Phase 1 Protocol

Day 1 – Bear eating on the richest fat and sugar-loaded foods. Daily intake of HCG Diet Drops begins.
Day 2 – Bear eating continues.
Day 3 – Bear eating ends.

Recommended foods:
Fried foods, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, corndogs, onion rings, mexican food, fried chicken, pork rinds, potato chips, pot pies, pizza, gravy, Macadamia nuts, macaroni and cheese, rich sauces, soda, butter, cheese, ice cream, milk shakes, doughnuts, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy bars, pies, hot fudge and whipped cream.