HCG Diet and how it Works

Many people may wonder what the HCG diet is all about. It has been scientifically defined as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which are natural protein hormones that accrue and develop in the placenta. This would happen during the first trimester of any woman’s pregnancy, just after conception. The hormone is recognized as a peptide and is the type of hormone that gets secreted into your blood stream while aiding endocrine functions found in living animals.

How HCG Diet Works

Dr. Simeon’s theory stated that even a small amount of HCG can prevent the absorption of mobile fat and burn and excrete unwanted fat through the kidney. In effect, it also opens up the fat cell membranes so that fatty acids can leave the fat cells, which is beneficial for the body. Dr. Simeon formulated and was given recognition for this HCG protocol. People who undergo this diet plan must follow a strict 500-caloric intake daily to successfully reduce glycogen and produce low blood glucose – at least temporarily until HCG takes effect.

To put it bluntly, the low caloric intake will result to the release of unwanted fat, separating it from the good fat and produce leaner body mass while allowing the hypothalamus to reverse the effects once the diet plan is completed to maintain body weight. But of course, it will only take effect if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet once the HCG protocol is completed.


Thousands of people including men and women undergo HCG diet as their weight loss regimen since 1950s. The HCG drops are manufactured under sterile environment to ensure safety without the risks of spreading disease. Both men and women can use HCG drops diet as a method to control their weight.

HCG  is also used for fertility treatments and with it come mild side effects like occasional headaches and some pregnancy symptoms. However, there is a significant difference in the concentration of HCG used for weight loss (125-200 IU) and fertility treatments (10,000 IU). For the past few decades, there have been rare reports on the side effects in the use of HCG drops or injections for weight loss purposes.

Why Would People Want To Use HCG Diet As Weight Loss Cure?

HCG is very effective as a weight loss cure as it halts and reverses obesity if done correctly. It resets the hypothalamus by sending the right signals that will start breaking down body fat that is abnormally high, using it as a primary fuel source.

Know that these signals only gets send while you are following a low calorie or reduced diet plan. It is send to tell the body to maintain and conserve muscle mass which is useful. If there is no HCG assisting you while you follow a low calorie diet, then the body will start depleting your muscles.

HCG tricks your body into believing that it is getting all the calories it needs. How, you might say? It does this by replacing ingested calorie values with stored fat calories which result in unbelievable body transformations.

The Secret Behind The HCG Diet

Most of you reading about this fantastic diet may be wondering what the secret behind all this is. Seeing that you may have had a battle against the bulges, until you tried the fantastic HCG diet plan. We can only imagine your surprise when you may have realized that it is a matter of counting your calories and follow a protein based diet plan combined with fruit and vegetables.

There is a flip side to all of this. Should you consume too little calories, you will then slow down your metabolism too much. Which means, your body starts eating of itself, sadly it would consume muscle and not fat. This is something that you do not want for yourself and often happens when you try to do this on your own by following a low calorie diet in conjunction with sublingual HCG.

Unless you make it your mission to rather work with a qualified nutritionist who understands the body and who can advise you on what you should be eating to help maintain your weight goals without the danger of your muscles being consumed.

How HCG drops Cures Obesity Once And For All

You would want to keep your metabolism in check without experiencing the up and down effect you sometimes experience when following certain weight loss programs.

The HCG drops diet plan is almost too good to be true. It is said to be natural, safe and affordable. What is more, you can start at any time you want by simply reading the instructions given and following it to the tee.

Dr.Simeons kept his HCG diet a secret, and only made it available to a select few that were wealthy enough to indulge in it. Now, fifty years after his death, the HCG diet made its way to the net for all to benefit from.

Thanks to this doctor, the diet is very easy to follow and widely available as everyone can now benefit from the diet protocol that was developed many years ago.

How The HCG Diet Still Plays A Major Role In Our Modern World

People find the world as we know it today to be filled with music, lifestyle, gadgets, fashion, and fad diets. One of the most popular diets for 2018, is in fact the HCG diet. Even though not everyone has heard of this diet, those who have, claimed it to be the best way of keeping your food cravings at bay while losing at least a pound a day.

Amazingly Dr. Simeons noticed that by giving HCG to boys to help develop them during their puberty stage, they were also able to shed weight at the same time. This was because they did not feel as hungry and ate less due to the intake of HCG.

Even today, this type of concept contributed to both men and women losing weight by getting injected with HCG. Currently, the requirement is to adhere to a month long program where you will need from 23 to 40 injections. People still need to consult their doctors when going this route due to the low calorie intake which, if not used correctly, can have certain consequences. Fortunately for all HCG Drops are now on the market, making it a lot easier in that no injections are needed.

The Pros and Cons of The HCG Diet

As with any diet there are certain dangers people need to be aware of. You can just imagine that there will be people who are cynical of any type of diet, and the HCG diet is no exception to the rule. There are always pros and cons to any diet you want to follow. The positives about the HCG diet is that it has been approved by the FDA as a fertility treatment and not as a weight loss program. But aside from this, there is no evidence that can be found proving HCG to cause any problem to either men of women. The big thing with the HCG diet people need to be cautious of, is the low calorie diet. It is always best to have a check up with your physician before you start any kind of diet program.

Users of the HCG diet program have not experienced any real problems following the HCG diet plan. The side effects that some experienced were some minor headaches, acne breakouts and a loss of sex drive.

Other than that, people were very happy to put to test over a 100 different recipes combined with the HCG formula and some moderate exercises to help them lose massive amounts of fat while maintaining their muscle structure.

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