HCG Drops and Menstrual Cycle

According to Dr. Simeons’ ‘Pounds and Inches’ a menstruating woman should stop every use of HCG hormone in the body. But the treatment can be resumed after 72 hours. Oral HCG drops have no side effects but it should not be consumed in menstrual cycle. So, there is no need to worry as it is absolutely right to start with the very low calorie diet along with consuming 10 to 15 sublingual HCG drops on daily basis.

How To Follow HCG Diet Protocol During Menstrual Cycle?

HCG diet protocol is stretched for 44 days. It includes Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization phases demanding certain dietary rules and HCG implications. In the duration of the diet plan female dieters might meet their menstruation which is normal. Do not panic. Just stop HCG consumption but carry on with 500 calories per day.

Women who are on menstrual cycle should not take HCG sublingual drops but can resume the weight loss hormonal drops after 72 days. Remember, HCG will not work in this cycle as the body is likely to gain some weight during menstruation. Market research and sales suggests that obese people prefer homeopathic HCG sublingual drops than shots, pills and spray.

There are many reasons behind the statistics. HCG oral drops do not have any side effects and complains. Moreover, the inexpensive drops can be purchased without any prescription. However, the same advantage is not available while buying diet drops.

  • 10 to 15 drops should be taken three times a day along with vlcd.
  • Administered under the tongue.
  • Painless and tasteless.
  • No chance of contamination as the ampoules of homeopathic diet drops comes with a well calibrated dropper.
  • Premixed.
  • No expiry date.

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