Hcg Weight Loss Information

Imagine losing a pound a day without major surgery! Finally, dieters everywhere can see results immediately with the HCG weight loss program. After just one cycle of HCG, you can lose 1-3 pounds a day!

How It Works:

HCG speeds up metabolism, burning fat into calories that increase the metabolic rate and make it higher than normal. HCG does this by alerting the body to move the fat out of the stored areas and make it available for use. All weight lost comes straight from the extra fat stored and not muscles.

Good VS Bad Fat:

The body has three different types of fat:

  • Structured fat
  • Normal fat
  • Abnormal fat

Structured fat is found between the joints and is healthy, and normal fat is necessary to meet the body’s nutritional needs. HCG targets the abnormal fat that most people have but do not need.

Faster HCG Weight Loss Results:

Most people lose a pound a day by simply taking the drops and sticking to the meal plan. If this isn’t fast enough for you, eating more fiber and drinking more water can help speed up results. Broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are great sources of fiber and can be included in lunch and dinner meals for faster weight loss.

Healthy, Rapid Weight Loss:

Many other low calorie weight loss programs strip the body of lean muscle tissue and healthy fats. Because HCG pulls fat from the abnormal, excessive fat deposits, the body is not deprived of important vitamins and minerals. At the same time, HCG stimulates the excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients, which can then be released and burned into calories.

Obstacles to Weight Loss:

To achieve the best results on the HCG weight loss plan, you must prepare yourself mentally and be determined to stick to the plan. If you cheat by eating any sweets or simple sugars, you will set yourself back by at least three or four days. This doesn’t mean you will suddenly gain weight, but you will not see any results for a few days.

Controlled Appetite:

You may experience hunger the first day or two of the HCG diet plan, but then you will start to notice your appetite is controlled. The best part of the HCG weight loss plan is that the stored fat is released, providing more calories than you are consuming. Your appetite is controlled while you reach your weight loss goal!

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