Is it OK to eat EGGS during HCG diet?

If you are trying to lose your weight with HCG diet plan then you are not allowed to select your own diet plan because many food items are not allowed in HCG diet plan. Many people ask a common question that- Can we eat eggs during HCG diet program. In this article we are going to discuss all the aspects of consuming eggs while working with HCG diet program.

If you ask people about it, many will say that you can consume eggs while you are on HCG diet and many will say that you can’t. Let me tell you the truth, the truth is that you can consume eggs but it has certain restrictions.  You can’t eat eggs daily and on a regular basis. You need to control your habit and consume it very occasionally. If you control your diet in proper way it is the best way to make your HCG diet successful with HCG injections or HCG drops.

If you want to know that how many times you can consume eggs in a week then here is the answer- In seven days of time interval you can consume eggs twice or thrice. If you are consuming eggs in the diet and if you notice that it is making negative effect on your weight losing plan then you will have to minimize the consumption of eggs. You can also consume eggs after removing its yolk it will reduce the calorie content of each egg from 80 calories to 12 calories.

While you include eggs in your HCG diet plan, you will have to take care of your protein intake.  You can consume up to 4 eggs each day while you are on HCG diet. It is highly recommended that you should take 3 eggs without yolk and 1 egg with yolk. It’s your decision that when and how you consume them. You just have to maintain the calories per day routine.

Many people just ignore the warning of not consuming the yolk with egg and they get in problem with their diet and it is really hard for them to maintain it. It should never be done because it unbalances your calorie routine. Get yourself an egg separator or crack the egg gently and take out the white healthy part smoothly to avoid the yolk.

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