The True Secrets of HCG diet Weight Loss

What are the secrets to how all of this weight loss stuff works anyway? We will tell you the secret to weight loss from the explanation point of view compared to a computer. When a computer “crashes” from a virus, what is the part that actually “crashes”? The operating system does. Did the hard drive cause the problem? Of course not, but rather some piece of bad information from the virus forced the operating system to crash by disrupting the operating system and removing as much of it as it could. The hard drive can’t function with an operating system. It would just sit there basically disconnected and not accomplish anything alone. The problem was the virus, not the hard drive or the operating system. Afterwards you have to wipe the hard drive clean of the virus, load the operating system software again and reboot the system. The same type of situation occurs with fat in general.

The Hypothalamus Gland

The Hypothalamus Gland in the human brain controls all of the fat in the body, like the hard drive in the computer and the “operating system” for controlling fat is HCG.

The food and drug corporations have learned a way to “crash” our body’s system. That is why diets and exercise programs do not work. You have the hard drive turned on (you are still alive, so your brain is still functioning), but you have little or no operating system left (you have little or no HCG left in your body). You can exercise, diet or whatever you’d like and you may or may not lose weight, but even if you do, what are the long term results?

How do the food and drug companies remove the HCG “operating system” which make you gain weight in the first place? There are several methods, but the most common one is Candida Yeast Overgrowth. Candida Yeast Overgrowth does not occur naturally in the body. When it happens, that the part of the body that defends you from Candida has been overrun, which is why it is called an overgrowth. That means another system was crashed in order to disrupt this one. More on Candida Yeast Overgrowth and cleanses, after we explain how it disrupts your “operating system” and removes HCG.

How Does Your Body Lose HCG?

In a Candida Yeast Overgrowth situation, the bodies defenses for Candida have been overrun and the last line of defense is for the HCG hormone to latch onto the Candida and drag it out of your body. This is when one side of the digestive system does not maintain a proper balance with either of its enzymes. This develops from the poor diet that most Americans are not aware of. It’s not their fault they’re fat because they are unaware of what is put into their foods nowadays. The chemicals, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and many other chemicals that are added in the food today can disrupt the natural balance of your digestive enzymes. That’s not even counting the genetically modified (GM) food where seeds have been genetically altered and can do a similar thing or, prescription drugs that can also disrupt the balance by killing off one side of your enzymes.

Why a Balance In Your Digestive System Is Important

There are 2 types of digestive enzymes in the human digestive system that try to maintain a perfect 50/50 balance. This balance is normally kept by a simple method of canceling out – One digestive enzyme from one side will latch onto one from the other side and they will both remove each other from the equation, so the remaining enzymes will still be equal to each other. However, when you eat chemical or GM food or take prescription drugs, they could throw that balance off far enough to cause a Candida Yeast Overgrowth by taking one side of the equation out from the other side. If you no longer have a 50/50 balance, the side with the overgrowth will spread throughout the body to die, rot or become a mold which then becomes a yeast (Candida Yeast Overgrowth). The only other defense was HCG. HCG will substitute itself for the missing balance of digestive enzymes.

Now for the fun part, unless you are a pregnant woman, your body does not make HCG on its own. When your HCG takes out the invading digestive enzymes, it then leaves the body and is never restored. There is an occasional time in a person’s life when they can lose some HCG without Candida but Candida is the most common method. This again is because of the chemicals added to the food that start the imbalances throughout the body. Other examples of disruptors include parasites, stress, genetics, clogged colon, under-active thyroid, inefficient pancreas, hormonal imbalances, artificial sweeteners, MSG, lack of water, carbonated drinks, cold drinks, lack of sleep, lack of sun, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, poor blood circulation, lack of oxygen, allergies, parasites, yo-yo dieting, lack of sweating due to skin problems, low muscle mass, air conditioning, skipping breakfast, Emog (including but not limited to EMS/EMF/ELF/Cell Phones), eating right before bed time, GM, food additives, lack of walking, and many more.

To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

Back to the computer analogy now. The biggest question is, would you load software on a hard drive that might still have a virus on it or just wipe it totally clean of viruses, and start fresh? Most computer technicians will tell you that unless you have valuable information on your computer that needs to be recovered, the best solution is to just wipe it clean because it can cost hundreds of dollars more to have a technician go through it line-by-line looking for information to recover. The same thing applies here – get yourself totally cleaned out because with Candida, parasites, etc. there is nothing to save. The best recommendation is to just make sure that the HCG drops  don’t go to waste because you didn’t take the cleanses. The more work you do cleansing before you start the HCG complex diet drops, the faster and more lasting the results will be.

You can take HCG complex diet drops without doing the cleanses, but do not expect your results to be the same. We have witnessed people who have skipped one or two cleanses that did not have the 1 pound per day average. Others have gained weight back because they still had Candida, parasites, or other problems they had to go back and correct later. Do yourself a favor and do not shortcut the shortcut. The HCG protocol is the weight loss shortcut already. Do it the way it is meant to be done, otherwise you might encounter the same problems.


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